Barnsley Gardens, Rosemary Verey's Cotswolds creation

Barsley House gardens have been made famous by Rosemary Verey. The Vereys have owned this Queen Anne house since he 1960's. The garden itself is not large, at around three acres, and consists of a number of styles from days gone by. Even Prince Charles has been captivated by it, and has had advice from Mrs Verey for his gardens at Highgrove - but the business relationship between the two has been reported in the press to have had its ups and downs!

Rosemary Verey has written a number of gardening books, including "The scented Garden". She also designs gardens and gives lectures on gardens

Barnsley has, of course, a kitchen garden. This has been designed so that the plants all blend together to compliment each other. Espaliered fruit trees and box hedged vegetable beds are a treat to look at, and they are producing marvellous vegetables. The colours of plants from cabbages of different hues to sweet peas are a delight

The gardens round the house have classical herbaceous borders and hedges of old roses. There are native trees, and planned vistas of the countryside beyond. The different gardens merge seamlessly the one into the next.

You will enjoy a day at Barnsley House Gardens

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