Hereford, cider and the River Wye

hereford mappa mundi

Hereford has a long and colourful history. It was once the capital of Saxon West Mercia. By Norman times it was a defensive bastion between the Welsh and the English. Today it is a pleasant city that is the administrative and social centre of the county.

The cathedral dates from the 12th century, is mainly Norrman, bu has has a number of later additions. The cathedral owns the famous Mappa Mundi, a map of the word drawn in the 13th century, and a cuase of much controversy in recent years due to the attempts to sell it. And the "chained" library houses 1500 books attached by chains to rods on the 17th century oak bookcases - it is the largest library of this kond in the world.

Other points to note in the city are the Green Dragon, an old posting inn which has wooden panneling from 1600, a museum with finds from Bronze Age and Iron Age forts, a 15th century six-arched stone bridge over the River Wye, and the remains of the city's medieval walls. Quaintly, Gwynne Street marks where Nell Gwynne was born.

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Hereford, England's cider country