Banbury, Oxfordshire

Banbury is perhaps best known for its cakes and its Cross. Today it is a modern market town

Banbury, Oxfordshire

Banbury Cakes
They probably date from much earlier, but the first recording of this delicacy was in the 16th century. The cakes are made of puff pastry filled with dried, spiced fruit
Banbury Cross
The original cross was destroyed by the Puritans three hundred years ago. The present cross was only actually built in 1859. The "fine lady" in the nursery rhyme is believed to have been a member of the Feinnes family, who still live at broughton Castle. And the fact that she was riding to Banbury Cross on her cock horse, was probably a May Morning ceremony

Although the town dates from Saxon times, few buildings today date from earlier than the 17th century. Two Civil War sieges destroyed much of the old town, and after that the castle was pulled down so that the stone could be used to rebuild the damaged houses. In the 18th century the citizens blew up their old church, rather than spending money to restore it!

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Banbury, Oxfordshire, England