Charlbury - a Cotswold glove making town

Charlbury, Bell Inn

Charlbury grew as a centre for glove making. Hence large houses were built by affluent traders, even though the town was not much more than a large village. The Wychwood, rises above the town, it is the rump of the old Royal hunting forest, owned by the Cornbury estate, and once the home of the Earl of Leicester.

The parish church reflects the importance of the town, has a 700 year old staircase, beautiful stained glass, and ironically a ultra modern interior. The church is surrounded by picturesque cottages and the odd tea room.

Because Charlbury is not a "honeypot" town, it has been relatively unspoilt,    and is a good place to visit if you want to see the real Cotswolds.

2 miles outside Charlbury is Ditchley Park, an 18th century mansion, now owned by the government and used as an Anglo American conference centre.

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Charlbury, a Cotswold town that grew wealthy making gloves